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Welcome to the Ludlow Transfer Station!

Patti Potter, Manager  - send email to:

  • David Aubin, Assistant Operator
  • Matthew Daniels, Full-time Attendant
  • Bobby Hannon, Part-time Attendant
  • Theodore Hall, Part-time Attendant
  • Eugene Dean, Full-time Attendant

336 Route 100 South, Ludlow, VT  05149

Phone:  802-228-2846

Hours of Operation:  8:00 am to 5:00 PM

Normal Business Days:Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

The Ludlow Transfer Station is open to Ludlow residents only (exception of e-Waste collection and a limit of no more than 7 pieces per day).

Permits are required for all vehicles using the Transfer Station and must be attached to the lower right-hand passenger side of the windshield.  Permits may not be transferred between vehicles.

Please be prepared to provide proof of ownership and bring your vehicle registration at the time of purchase.

Transfer Station residential permits may be purchased directly at the Transfer Station, or at the Ludlow Municipal Office (commercial and business permits MUST to be purchased at the Transfer Station).

Click on the link for the current year below for more information about waste disposal regulations and fees.

Please remember -- BAMBOO (proper name is "Japanese Knotweed")  IS NOT ALLOWED AT THE TRANSFER STATION. Refer to the link below to learn more about this invasive plant species:

Japanese Knotweed - VT Fish & Wildlife Department (